Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spinifex Make Up Effects team consists of Sydney based artists Zebblin Tilden and Gavin Kyle.

We love getting the best results for our clients and bringing ideas to life.
We specialise in designing, creating and applying  prosthetics, Special make up effects, and Make up and hair for film, television and theatre.


 2009       AFTRS/NIDA FILM     One More Day                             Make up and fake tattoos

 2009        Valhalla     DIR Alex Ryan                                               Make up and prosthetics

 2009       Red Riding Hood     DIR Trey Daniels                      Make up and hair

 2009        The Meeting     DIR Jorge Mansila                           Make up and prosthetics

 2009         Love letters     DIR Raquelle David                        Prosthetics and stab/squib effects

2009         Vampt commercial     DIR Paul Brenner              Make up and hair

 2010         Red Dot     DIR Pauline Findlay                                    Fake tattoos

 2010         The Robbery     DIR Johnny Ma                                    Squib/gun shot effect

 2010         Chinglish     DIR Paul Brenner                                    Make up and prosthetics

2010          Crazy     DIR kiah Roache-Turner                              Make up and prosthetics

2011          Deadheart               DIR Kristy Best                              Make up and Effects

2011           Beauty and the Beast            BMMS                           Make up and prosthetics

2011          Isolates            DIR Allan Liang                                       Make up and prosthetics

2011         Dynacorp           DIR Justin Woo                                     Make up

2011           INFH Zombies      DIR Mark Alston                             Make up and prosthetics

2011          These Guys          20c Productons                               Make up and prosthetics        

2011         Welcome Home     DIR Gozde Koyuncu                   Body Art

2011          Great Gatsby       DIR Baz Lurhmann                           MUA assistant

2011          Saturday Disney: Halloween                                        Character Make up

2012         SICK         DIR Van Vuuren Bros.                                   Make up and prosthetics

2012          Pale Moon Light           DIR Tin Pang                          Make up and prosthetics

2012           Fragments of Friday    DIR Kacie Anning             Make up

2012            Scar                   DIR Alex Ryan                                       Make up and prosthetics

2012         Convict             DIR George Basha                               Make up

2013         I, Frankenstien      DIR  Stuart Beattie                      Workshop Assistant

2014         Bethany               DIR Kacey Baker                                Prosthetics

2015         Wyrmwood     DIR kiah Roache-Turner                  Special Effects coordinator

2015      Take Out                 Dir Tor Larsen                                        Prosthertics

2016      Red Christmas        Dir Craig Anderson                       Special Effects coordinator



*Troll prosthetic by Nimba, applied by Spinifex.